2-способ датчик фар автоматическое управление светом задержка переключатель задержки

2-способ датчик фар автоматическое управление светом задержка переключатель задержки


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Product Description

Car headlights automatically turn on the car headlights at night sensor automatically lights headlight delay tunnel

A brief description of :

When the car driving toTunnel or dark place where the

Relay on car headlights turned on , as long as the stillTunnel orLocal Relay dark light has been switched on , out of theTunnelOr after light place , delay start time ( delay time can own set ) , the delay time is up, the relay off , car headlights are automatically disconnected.

Automatic detection of light , brightness detected by detecting the brightness potentiometer adjustable valve points , and with that comes a relay or buzzer alarm and delay function , do all kinds of light detection and alarm , light control delay switch , brightness detection switch , You can control a variety of lights, turn on automatically at night , during the day and automatically turn off and auto automatic headlights, stage lighting , LED lighting, traffic lights detection switch , the products have adjustable delay function and light sensitivity adjustable , light sensor without blinking.
Module features :
1 made of imported high quality chip and sensor trigger delay chip design ;
2 offers a variety of power input wiring to meet the diverse needs ;
3 with anti- reverse protection diode power , effective protection products ;
4 has a large current regulator, the provision of adequate power supply ;
5 has a sensor sensitivity adjustment potentiometer and delay adjustment potentiometer , an effective solution to flicker ;
6 can directly control high current loads ;
7 do use light detection alarm .
Technical parameters:
Power input : 12VDC Current : more than 500mA
Relay Maximum load : 220V 10A or 30V 10A ( smaller than this requirement can be used )
Delay time: 1-180 seconds ( can also be customized to other time , please contact the seller )
PCB Size : 76mm X 60mm
Module for use:
1 This module is the use of light-sensitive resistor to detect the intensity of light , usually used to detect the brightness of the ambient light ;
2 when the detected light intensity is below the set threshold, the relay, when the ambient light is higher than the set threshold, the relay is disconnected ;
3 If you need an alarm , no relay output, you can simply replace the buzzer ;
Installation position 4 photoresistor is very important, if control the lights or lighting, can not be put in the sense of the need to control the lights , otherwise photoresistor senses light will cause the relay to disconnect the lamp lights will cycle off ;
5. this product wired , you need practical application environment in light sensor to adjust the intensity , the case of car headlights , when crossing the tunnel will have to move in large automatic light adjustment , delay typically 5-10 seconds can, street light control delay is generally transferred directly to the longest 180 seconds .
Shipping list :
Parts shipped by default in the following figure , two -way car auto headlight sensor module 1 , with 20cm long lead photoresistor 2 .

Car headlights ( positive control ) wiring diagram :

Car headlights ( negative control ) wiring diagram :

Two -way photosensitive delay relay module wiring instructions :

Relay output terminal pins as follows:

AC control relay module wiring diagram :

DC device control relay module wiring diagram :