1680D Mars Hydro 70X70X160 см комнатный гроутент, парник растениеводства, сад Теплицы

1680D Mars Hydro 70X70X160 см комнатный гроутент, парник растениеводства, сад Теплицы


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MarsHydro 27"x27"x63" Grow Tent

  • Tent Size:27\'\' × 27\'\' × 63\'\' = 70 × 70 × 160cm
  • Brand:Mars Hydro
  • Interior Material:100% highly reflective mylar - heavy duty, light-tight
  • Exterior Material:1680D oxford cloth - heavy duty, lightproof
  • Connector Material:Sturdy metal
  • Frame Material: White paint coated metal frames
  • Overall Capacity:70 KG / 154 lbs
  • Vent Size: 2 × 3\'\', 2 × 6\'\', 1 × 8\'\'(Quantity/Diameter)
  • Micro-mesh Window:3*7\'\'×12\'\'(Quantity/Diameter)
  • N.W./G.W.7.4KG / 16.3lbs and 8.3KG / 18.3lbs
  • Front Door:1 built-in large zippered door for easy setup
  • Floor Tray:Removable floor tray for easy cleaning
  • Hanging Bars:Equipped with 3 hanging bars for safe hanging
  • Multiple Vents:Multiple vents with adjustable nylon straps
  • Micro-mesh Window:Rectangle window with mesh to keep insects out
  • Applications:Hydroponics, soil-based growing, greenhouse, etc
  • Features:Highly PVC free. Non toxic. No harm to plant
Features 1234
  • 1. Double-deck and adjustable vents. All vents are adjustable to minimize heat, light, odors from escaping.
  • 2. Double-thread sewing at 4 sides and even at the vents. Tent is more durable and features a longer lifespan. 
  • 3. Heavy duty SBS zippers with edge to prevent them from crossing to the end. Light-proof backing to prevent light leak. 
  • 4. All metal bars and corner connectors with locking push tabs ensure a sturdy tent frame and quick-and-easy assembly.
Features 5678
  • 5. Mesh pre-filter vents allow for maximum airflow without letting any foreign pests or particles into the tent.
  • 6. Double protection for corners on top. Hanging bars won\'t poke through over long period of use.
  • 7. Removable floor tray with straps to keep your tray in place and quickly removed for cleaning.
  • 8. Flexible door straps keeps your door open and out of the way so that you can enter and exit your tent with ease.     

Package Includes

  • 1 x 27\'\'×27\'\'×63\'\' Indoor grow tent cover

  • 1 x Set metal frame

  • 1 x Assembly instruction

  • 1 x Removable floor tray with belts

  • 2 x Nylon belts for hanging the light

Limited return policy

We are Mars Hydro factory, and you are welcome to connect with us for warranty issues.

Please note we do not accept non-quality returns for grow tents, and this policy applies to all Mars Hydro grow tents sold on Aliexpress.

We kindly remind you of carefully checking the dimensions like tent and vent size in our listing.

In case of quality issue, please send photos to us and Mars Hydro will try our best to satisfy you.

Why would we have such policy?

Grow tent is a particular product. Once you take it out and set it up, you are not able to put everything back like poles, connectors, tent cloth in the box as exactly as how they came. It will be treated as used by other customers and can\'t be resold because the package is not new anymore.