Sim-банк SMB128 sim-сервер для GOIPs, работа с DBL GOIPS GSM шлюз VoIP, удаленно контролировать и управлять

Sim-банк SMB128 sim-сервер для GOIPs, работа с DBL GOIPS GSM шлюз VoIP, удаленно контролировать и управлять


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Original DBL SMB-128 SIM Bank/SIM Server for GoIPs

Model: SMB-128

General Information:

Remote SIM operation enables SIM cards to be installed remotely by establishing virtual communication channels between SIM cards and GoIPs via TCP/IP connections. A SIM Bank is a storage device for SIM cards with Remote SIM capability.

Basic Functions:

Remote and centralized management of SIM cards
No need to switch and recharge SIM cards on-site
Hot swap of SIM cards without powering off the SMB-128
Free DDNS service to support dynamic public IP
Management of 128 SIM cards in standalone mode.
Free SIM Server for management of over 10,000 SIM cards
Counter measures for the techniques used for SIM card blocking
Online firmware upgrade


Photos show: Key Features Storage array for 128 SIM cards Hot swap Standalone operation to support up to 128 independent SIM connections Free SIM Server for management of SIM Banks and SIM cards (> 10K SIM connections) DDNS Central management and secure storage of all SIM cards Control and Supervision of your SIMs from your office Flexible allocation of any SIM to any Gateway at any time No local SIM cards need to be installed. Still, the gateways may have SIMs for backup purposes Immediate control of all your SIM cards from your office Easy and powerful web based management, Easy to configure convenience any time Switch SIM cards between connected gateways, configuration via remote client Save huge costs on technicians and traveling to the installation sites

Enhanced Function:

-Free Server to manage SIM Banks and Remote SIM devices

-Management of over 10K SIM cards

-Re-allocation of SIM cards among Remote SIM devices

-SIM territory concept

-Programmable schedules for SIM card re-allocation

-Seamless re-allocation without call interruptions

Competitive Advantage:
SIM Bank is highly scalable by using a SIM Server (a license-free utility software offered by DBL) to manage over 10,000 SIM cards. It offers many advanced features for SIM card management such as automatic status querying and recharging SIM cards. It is an inevitable and valuable equipment for call termination service providers who require management of SIM cards intelligently and efficiently.

Application case:

Same to SIM32

Take SMB32 SIM Bank as an example: