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Двойные чипы 300 Вт 450 Вт светодио дный растут огни полный спектр цветок Крытый лампы для растений за рубежом warehours быстро доставить Вег цвету


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Full spectrum 300W 450W LED Grow light


Model: 300W 450W LED Grow Light High Lumen Output, Great Coverage, Deep Penetration, Super Harvest

HID Replacement: 500W HPS / 1000W HPS

LEDs Brand: High-end Epistar chips

LEDs Quantity: 60pcs x 5W/45pcs x 10W

Coverage Area: About 8ft x 5ft ( The lighting area and the height are changeable according to different plants and environments )

Panel Size: 25*18*6 cm \\9.8*7.1*2.4 inch

N.W.: 2.87 lbs / 1.3 KG

G.W.: 4.19 lbs / 1.9 KG

View Angle of leds: 90°

Lifespan: 50,000~100,000 hours

Operating Temperature: -20~45℃

Working Frequency: 50-60HZ

Input Voltage: 85v~265v

Thermal Management: Cooling fan+Aluminum heatsink

Safety Guaranteed: FCC CE and RoHS certified. Plug has passed worldwide safety standard.


1. Full spectrum of plants need light

2. Appearance patent, FCC, CE, ROHS certification

3. Temperature control power on and off, improve the safety of electricity.

4. Customize the 5W/10W Epistar growth spectrum. Help your plant to realize its full potential

5. Special cooling design, less heat, extended life

6. Convex wind design, ultra-low noise quiet operation.

7. Built-in cooling brand fan, no other cooling system

8. Flame retardant polymer material, light easy to carry.

9. Efficient authentication power, energy costs save more than 80%.

Lighting Tips

Recommended Height Above Plants

Seeding: 25-30 inches above plants Germination: 30-35 inches above plants

Veg: 20-25inches above plants Bloom: 20-30 inches above plants

Recommended Lighting Time

Veg: 18h/6h(on/off) or 20h/4h(on/off)

Bloom: 12h/12h(on/off)

Package includes:

1 x led grow light

1 x Free hanging kit

1 x User manual

1 x Free Power Cord (Type Plug according to your country need)


1. Keep an eye on your water consumption. A common mistake often made when growers switch from HID fixtures to LEDs is

overwatering. HID lighting generate heat and contain high levels of Infrared light (IR) which helps dry out the soil and plants.

As LED grow lights do not generate the same amount of heat and no IR light, you as a grower need to be observant so you do

not overwater your plants.

2. Enough lighting. When you are confused by how many lights to choose for your growing space, please have a look at the

coverage area listed in their description. LEDs is a big invest, but you should really know how many lights you need before

buying.Before reaching out to LED, please measure the length, width, height of your growing space, which helps much when

you are not sure how many panels you need.

3. Proper hanging distance. Keep an appropriate distance between your LED grow lights and your plants is vital to promote

photosynthesis of plants. If you mount your LEDs too high, you may increase your coverage area, but you will also be reducing

the light’s intensity. If you mount your LEDs too low, the intense proximity of the light could stress your plants.

4. Avoid too much nutrient. Too much of anything can be a bad thing and this is especially true for nutrients added to indoor

gardens. It is very disappointing to do everything correctly in your indoor garden but then give too much nutrients or the wrong

nutrients and compromise your plants health and growth. Typically with LED grow lights, 30% less nutrients should be used

compared totraditional HID growing systems.

5. Air circulation. Ideally, the grow room should not be exposed to direct wind, since these can cause frost or dryness to develop

in the plants. However, a decent air circulation should be maintained, preferably through vents, so that there is never an excess

of oxygen (during photosynthesis) or carbon dioxide (during respiration).


1. Why the light is 300w(or other watt) in the listing,but the actual power consumption is 85w+/-5%?

As you know that the big advantage of led light is energy saving, so it needs less power to run the light.

There are blue and red.LEDs in the led grow light and the voltage of blue is 3.2-3.6V and voltage of red LED is 2.2-2.6V,

and consuming less power will not affect function of the lights to plants.

2. Why some led bulb seems not lighting when turning on the power?

It should be the IR led bulb, which can not see it lighting with Naked-eyes. Please do not think it not working.

3.Why some buyers need to pay customs duties

Tariff system of each country is different, and we do not undertake any customs duties or import tax, these charges are

not included in the item price and shipping cost, these charges are normally collected by providing freight (shipping)

company, some countries may not be made free goods, please send e-mail inquiries or consult us before buying.


We offer 3 years warranty with free charged key components. During the warranty period, if any defects happen,

please send us a picture and our engineers will analyze the problem is. We will asap give you a solution.

Because we are in China, so we prefer to send new products to customers and teach them how to solve the problem

than shipping the led grow lights back.

Our Quality:

1. We use only the highest quality LED\'s and chipsets . Your plants will fully absorb the wavelengths for photosynthesis.

Our LED Grow lights are the most productive units available today, utilizing every bit of energy and providing optimal results!

2. All products we sold out are strictly selected and tested by our QC department.

Normally, the process of checking LED LIGHT is as follows:

a. Functioning Test: Outlook, Individual package, On/Off, Brightness, Current drain.

b. Reliability test, All product will go through 72 hours Burn-In test

c. Sampling life test (50,000hrs)