GUH 1 шт.. Professional для винной пробки с двойным рычагом для стандартных винных бельгийских пивных и синтетических пластиковых деревянных пробок

GUH 1 шт.. Professional для винной пробки с двойным рычагом для стандартных винных бельгийских пивных и синтетических пластиковых деревянных пробок


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Name: 1pcs Professional for Wine Cork Home Brew Bar Tools Double Lever Hand Corker – For Standard Wine, Belgian Beer, and Synthetic Plastic Corks // Double handled corker for home brew wine bottling Material: High carbon steel material; High hardness ABS. Specifications: Total Length: 33CM(+/-1mm), 13 Inch (approx...) About the Double Lever Hand Corker: You have everything to begin the exciting adventure of making your own wine! Fresh picked fruit and a recipe that the internet swears will knock your socks off! You\'re onto your final stages and you\'re about to pour your wine into a glass bottle when you\'ve come to the hard part of your journey - Corking the Bottle. But you don\'t have to fret because you\'ve also prepared with the Gohide Double Lever Hand Corker! If you make your own wine, are a home brewer, or are becoming interested in the idea, corking a bottle may seem daunting, but this durable 2-handled corker is a great tool to quickly cork or even recork your favorite wines and brews! Feature:
  • Easy to Use: Add a cork to this Gohide Double Lever Hand Corker, push the levers, and the cork goes into the bottle
  • Durable: Metal parts construction with plastic handles
  • Double-Levered: 2 handles for good leverage
  • Versatile: Will work on #7, #8, and #9 size corks with ease.
  • Economical: Corking your own bottles with this Hand Corker is cost-effective and efficient
1.Easy to Use Plunger designs are hard to use and take a lot of strength as you forcefully plunge the cork into the bottle, but this new corker has 2 handles for good leverage. Simply add a cork and push the levers down. It\'s that Easy! You\'ll instantly have a perfectly corked bottle! 2.Versitile You can use this with a variety of cork sizes and all standard wine corks including #7, #8, and #9. It also works with the Belgian beer bottle corks, champagne bottles with wine corks, and synthetic plastic corks. 3.Strong and Durable This Gohide Double Lever Hand Corker is constructed of solid materials (mostly steel, with soft plastic scarlet-colored parts that grip the bottle and the handle ends) and is an economical choice for those getting into winemaking. There are no flimsy joints or rivets, even when exerting pressure while corking.


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