1 м 2 м 5 м sk9822 (аналогично ap102) smart Светодиодный пикселей полосу 5050 RGB светодиодный полосы, 30/60/144 светодиодный S/Пиксели/m, IP30/IP67 DC5V

1 м 2 м 5 м sk9822 (аналогично ap102) smart Светодиодный пикселей полосу 5050 RGB светодиодный полосы, 30/60/144 светодиодный S/Пиксели/m, IP30/IP67 DC5V


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1m 2m 5m SK9822 ( Similar AP102 ) Smart LED Pixel Strip 5050 RGB led strip,30/60/144 LEDs/Pixels/m ,IP30/IP67 DC5V

All type of the led strip
Item Leds/m Pixels/m Voltage Power PCB color Width Waterproof level
SK9822-30 30 30 DC5V 9 W/M W/B 10mm IP30/67
SK9822-60 60 60 DC5V 18 W/M W/B 12mm IP30/67
SK9822-144 144 144 DC5V 43.2 W/M W/B 12mm IP30/67

Please pay attention:

PCB color:White PCB / Black PCB Length:1m/5m Number of lights:30leds/m, 60leds/m, 144leds/m IP30: Non- waterproof IP67: Waterproof in SiliconTube The LED strip is made of 50cm FPCB, so each 50cm led strip has a solder joint.The solder point will not effect on the strip\'s performance.Most of the LED strips on the market are manufactured to a half meter length. Parameter: • Model: APA102-C LED Strip • Light source: SMD 5050 LED • Sheet: FPCB • IC Model: APA-102 • Gray scale: 256, • LED Quantity: 30/60/144 LEDs / m • Viewing angle: 120 ° • Color: color, can be adjusted • Standard Operating Voltage: DC 5V • Power: 10 ± 10% / m • Waterproof Rate:IP30/IP67 • FPCB color: Black/White • Packing: 1/5m/roll, anti-static bag,with 3M adhensive tape on the back(Except the Waterproof in SiliconTube) • Connection: VCC: Black wire; GND: Blue wire; DAT:Green wire ; CK: Red wire Applications: • Widely used for home, hotels, clubs, shopping malls. • Architectural decorative lighting, boutique atmosphere lighting • Extensively applied in Back-lighting, concealed lighting • Emergency & security lighting, advertisement sign lighting • Holiday, event, show exhibition decoration.

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Package included: 1x SK9822 DC5V led strip 1x free 4pin JST connector