УФ Озон Дезинфекция бактерицидная лампа кварцевый настенный клещ пульт дистанционного управления стерилизация домашняя ультрафиолет лам...

УФ Озон Дезинфекция бактерицидная лампа кварцевый настенный клещ пульт дистанционного управления стерилизация домашняя ультрафиолет лам...


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Buyer must read: No ozone UV light: Ultraviolet light, if the UV light is blocked by objects, the line is not exposed to the place without disinfection. Ozone UV light: ozone sterilization, elimination of formaldehyde in addition to odor function, ozone can be covered with the entire room, from the impact of obstacles TIPS: BECAUSE THE MAIL DON\'T PERMIT SHIP THE BATTERY, SO THE BATTERY OF CONTROLLER NEED BUYER BUY IN YOUR LOCAL SUPERMARKET, PLEASE UNDERSTAND IF YOU KNOW HOW TO SEND THE BATTERY, PLEASE LET US KNOW. THANKS The difference between ozone lamp and ozoneless lamp: 1. Ozone-free UV lamps do not produce ozone when used in a home living room bedroom. 2. The ozone-based UV lamp will produce ozone when it is working. The ozone can sterilize the places where the ultraviolet rays cannot reach, but the ozone is harmful to the human body. After the disinfection, after 30-45 minutes of ventilation, the person can enter the room. Disinfection cabinets are recommended to use ozone lamps. this lamp use 110~250V, the lamp is US plug, and we will send one EU adapter exchange plug for you in package. please feel free to order. thank you. buyer must know: battery of romote controller not included in package list Time base lamp manual 1, the product is powered on, press the adapter switch, the adapter light starts flashing, each time the light color changes once, (blue - purple - off - red) alternate cycle. Red for 15 minutes, blue for 30 minutes, purple for 60 minutes, 2, the indicator light corresponding to the selected time starts to blink. In this state, the indicator light flashes for 5 times and then enters the start-up state. The buzzer starts to alarm, and the closer it is to the lamp, the more urgent the alarm sound is. 3, the lamp is lit, in accordance with the corresponding timing of the light time to work, to the time automatically shut down. 4, into the start state, at any time gently press the adapter to open the key, you can shut down. Remote control lamp manual A for on / off / OK, B for 15 minutes, C for 30 minutes, D for 60 minutes) After the product is powered on, press the A button on the remote control, the indicator light on the adapter starts flashing, press the remote control B, C, D to select the time, and then press A again, the product enters the start state, the buzzer alarm, The shorter the tube lighting alarm sound, the lamp lit, to the regular time automatically shut down
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