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Name: stereoscopic animal head towel 30*30cm

Material: Polyester chenille brocade

Mao Gao: 3.2cm

Size: 30*30cm (removing the size of the cartoon head)

Gram weight: 156g

Features: super absorbent, do not fade away hair soft, not to hurt the skin, a variety of functions,

can be used towel cloth towel and so on, can be used together can be clean

Cartoon design

Delicate touch

Super absorbent

long life

Thick bottom

Convenient lanyard

[product description]

Chenille is used in polyester and nylon activity of green staining, and the activity of green dyeing refers to after dyeing of cotton chenille do not contain toxic chemicals including azo and harm to people. The carpets with active dyeing are flat and dim on the color and lustre, and do not lose their hair and fade, and are harmless to the human body.

[long product life]

We take gloves chenille polyester and nylon as thin and uniform root pile top, on the floor, towards the side of pile all neatly, and our products with high density, pile length, long service life. Both beautiful and practical!