Бытовая пищевая вакуумная упаковочная машина с 10 шт. мешками Бесплатная 220V 110V Автоматическая Коммерческая лучшая вакуумная пищевая упаков...

Бытовая пищевая вакуумная упаковочная машина с 10 шт. мешками Бесплатная 220V 110V Автоматическая Коммерческая лучшая вакуумная пищевая упаков...


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White Dolphin Household Vacuum Sealer Machine for Food Saving 220V 110V


Rated voltage: 100V/220V AC

Rated frequency: 220V/50Hz 110V/60Hz

Rated power: 80W

Sealing time: 6~15 seconds

Vacuum Pressure: -60 kPa

Dimension: 350*82*60mm

Weight: 570g(exclude power code)

Sealing length: <=290mm

Package Includes:

1 * Food Vacuum Sealer

10 * Bags (Size : 5 pcs 12*20cm, 5pcs 20*25cm)

1 * English Manual


1.The package is not including connecting tude and wine bottle stopper.

2.In order to package well for shipment, we roll up the vacuum bags.

There will be a little wrinkled, but it won\'t affect normal use. Please don\'t mind it, thanks.

3.The machine couldn’t be used for liquid, please remove moisture of the food when vacuum sealing.

Please don\'t wet the end of bag, otherwise it\'s difficult to seal.

4.The machine should used with special bags when vacuum sealing, normal bags just could be sealed but not vacuumed.

Please check and choose the right Volts and Plug for your country


Vacuum Seal Button: for vacuum sealing and vacuum the canister

Vacuum Seal Indicator: when vacuum food saver bags

Seal Button: for sealing the food saver bags

Heating Indicator: light when sealing

Vacuum Releasing Valve: release the air open the machine after work

Transparent Window: observe if there is leak out of the food

Left Claps: lock the machine, press inward to open machine

Right Claps: lock the machine,press inward to open machine

Bag Clip: fix bags

Inlet Port:connect vacuum hose

Heating Line : for sealing

Sponge gasket(upper): closed the machine, could take out to clean

Operation Instruction

A. Insert the open end of the plastic bag into the bag clip to prevent it from slipping.

B. Press the cover with both hands, the “click”sound, indicating that the clasps has been fastened. Press Seal Button or Vacuum Seal Button, according to your needs.

C. After the processing is completed, please gently pull the Vacuum Releasing Valve first, then lift up the fastener on both sides of the device, and remove bag.

You can press any button to stop the device from working.

Important: When the machine not in use, please do not close the appliance.

Otherwise the sponge may be distorted which will affect the air extracting results.

Cleaning & Care

1. Avoid using rough materials to clean the machine to avoid scratching the surface.

2. Do not immerse the machine in liquids.

3. Before assembling, be sure the sponge is dry. During the process of assembling, do not damage it.

4. Dry thoroughly before reusing.

5. It is forbidden to wipe with organic solvents and no need to add lubricant to the machine.

6. When the machine fails, it should turn off the power immediately, check the cause and remove the trouble.