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Color:Sliver \\ Black Thickness: 3MM
Material: Aluminum alloy +Silicone Net Weight: 0.62KG
Population: Unlimited Opening Size: 240*240*93MM
Angle: 23 degrees Folding Size: 240*240*24MM
Suitable Size

The aluminum folding stand is suitable for 11-15.6 inch laptops.

(15.6-17 inch notebook is also works)

Aluminum alloy\\ Perfect cutting \\ Smooth \\ Silica gel to protect

Heat Dissipation

The Designs(2 points) makes heat dissipation rapidly.

1 Hollow Out

2 Aluminium alloy

Both make heat dissipation rapidly

Shaft structure, fold to carry

It can be opened or folded quickly, Because of the shaft structure

CNC Processing

We are focus on detail, creat the perfect touch and textture.

Easy to clean

Aluminum alloy Make it be washed by water directly and easily.

23 degrees

Raise your eyes, two colors to choose.

Ergonomoc Design

Improve your sitting posture, relax your cervical spine, make like more healthy.

You can use this stand in your office. beauty and fashion.

1 you can also use it in your home. watch video or works. very heathy life habit

Beauty. Deserve to have it.