Soocas X3 USB беспроводной зарядки электрический Зубная щётка xiaomi soocare sonic Зубная щётка 4 Чистый режим для взрослых ультра sonic Зубная щётка APP

Soocas X3 USB беспроводной зарядки электрический Зубная щётка xiaomi soocare sonic Зубная щётка 4 Чистый режим для взрослых ультра sonic Зубная щётка APP


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Your private "family dentist"

take care of your oral health

About teeth,do you also have such issues?

Plaque,tartar,teeth gum bleeding,yellow teeth,oral odor

Soocas sonic electric toothbrush,solve above problems efficiently

clean oral hard-to-reach areas with small brush head,like these areas:gingival sulcus,oral deep side,teeth gap

Powerful motor is the key to clean teeth

1.Torque up to 230 / 2.vibration frequency up to 37200 times/min/ motor can work 150 hours continuously

(if you use it 2 times per day, 2 mins per time)

4 Clean modes:cleaning /sensitive/new hand/whitening (Personalized customization)

We advice new users start from "new hand" mode for 2 weeks,then change to sensitive or clean mode.

Multiple built-in smart functions,help to develop a scientific brushing habit

quadpacer interval reminder/2 mins timer/bluetooth&APP/memory function

Food-grade Dupont bristles,ensure your oral health

FDA certificated/3D curved design/bristles end rounded/100% disinfected by UV/vacuum ppacking

IPX7 Waterproof,toothbrush still in good condition after sinking into 1M depth water for 30 mins

A toothbrush can be used for several years

cycle charging for 500 times/1000mAh lithium battery

charging time is 13 hours,full battery power can last for 25 days(2 times per day,2 mins per time)

USB wireless charging

easily be power supplied by smartphone adapter,USB socket,power bank or other power devices with usb interface

Give her(him) a special gift, in the name of your love

High quality hiden in details

1.Replacement brush/2.Aluminum alloy switch/3.mildewproof waterproof handle/4.Indicator light/5.wireless charging zone

How to use electric toothbrush

1. Insert the brush head into the rotating shaft (leave a gap to prevent abrasion during vibration)

2. Squeeze a small amount of toothpaste on the brush head

3. Soaking brush head, put in the mouth and switch on the toothbrush

4. Brush head and gums at a 45° angle, slowly moving the toothbrush

5.Change an area every 30S

6. Clean your mouth with water,switch off the toothbrush

Basic info

Model number


Net weight


Toothbrush dimension

25.3 * 2.8cm


CE / RoHS / FDA / KC

Package included

Toothbrush×1+Brush head×1+USB Charger×1+Manual×1

Main Features

Work type

Acoustic wave rotate

Cleaning mode

4 modes - clean / sensitive / new hand / whitening

Smart functions

2 mins timer / 30 secs interval / Bluetooth & APP / memory function


Vibration frequency

37200 times/min

Motor torque


Motor lifetime

>150 hours

(you can use for more than 6 year, if 2 times per day/2 mins per time)


Battery type

Rechargeable lithium battery

Battery capacity


Cycling charging times

500 times

Charging time

13 hours

Battery endurance

25 days ( if 2 times per day / 2 mins per time)

Charging type

USB Inductive charging


Brush material

DuPont bristles (FDA certificated)

Body material

ABS raw material + Aluminum alloy

Waterproof grade


Mildew proof


Software info

System version

ios 7.0+ / Android 4.3+

Bluetooth version