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The anti-theft lock on the market is easy to be cut and unlocked. Doorjammer is installed in the door and cannot be touched by thieves, so it cannot be destroyed.
Let you sit back and relax in the strange environment at night!
The DoorJammer is installed in just a few seconds. Just lift it up and pull it backwards to remove it, very fast.
The DoorJammer weighs only 0.25KG and is very small, 12cm long and 6. 5cm wide. It is easy to carry. It can be placed in any medium-sized bag, bag or backpack.

Package Included:

1. Place it perpendicular to the door and extend the horizontal "foot" to the bottom of the door.
2. If the threshold is high, the extension feet are used.
3. Turn the bolt to the left until it is confirmed that it is fixed to the ground.
1. Rotate the bolt to the right until the feet are loose.
2. Pull up.