SERVO S10 мобильных телефонов 2,8

SERVO S10 мобильных телефонов 2,8 "HD 3 сим-карты большой Динамик фиолетовый свет 2500 мАч внешний аккумулятор для мобильного телефона с комаров ламп...


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  • 4 LED Light - Horse race lamp
  • Button " 1 " ( Purple Light ) - With lamp for examining the paper money
  • Button " 2 " ( Yellow Light ) - Mosquito repellent lamp
  • Power Bank (2500mAh)
  • FM - No need earphone plug in
  • Three SIM Cards
  • Big Speaker

Accessories : 1 * battery , 1 * charger , 1 * USB cable ,

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  • Why is the ROM less then 4G/16G/32G?
The hardware manufacturers use 1000B as 1G, but the software vendor use the 1024B as 1G, so the 4G ROM will less than 4GB. The recover and cache will also occupy the ROM, so it will show less than 4GB, nearly 2GB-3GB.