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1.0-2.0mm Thickness, Genuine Natural Cowhide Real Cow Leather for Belt Making Wallets Purses Shoes Bag and Sofa Leather Material

Product: Grain Cow Skin Genuine Leather
Thickness: about 1.0-2.0mm

Note:This is real cowhide and the thickness is not exactly the same:
1.0mm Thick : Thinning 1.0mm;
1.5mm Thick : About 1.3-1.5mm;
2.0mm Thick : About 1.8-2.2mm

Size: 30*30(1sq.ft) - 30*180cm(6sq.ft),Regular rectangle.
Level: High Quality A level
Color: primary color / Yellow brown
Use for: Making wallets, purses, leather shoes, belts, and other leather goods

Description of vegetable tanned leather:
1: The higher the level of leather, the higher the utilization rate, the less will be. This is A grade, it is high quality leather, please rest assured to buy.
2: This leather can be dyed, oiled, light discolored, grease can be sealed, can be engraved and printed.
3: This leather is about 1.0mm / 1.3-1.5mm / 1.8-2.0mm thick and can be thinned according to demand.
4: The meat noodles are not treated. There are lines similar to the grid pattern. You can polish the bed surface yourself.

Note: Cows grow naturally, so they will have irregular wounds, growth lines, scars, and marks. We will try to get out of bad places when cutting, so that you will get better quality skin.