Штепсельная Вилка с высоким берцем из кроличьей шерсти, подогреватель ног, USB, сумка для горячей воды, все включено, подогреватель ног, креат...

Штепсельная Вилка с высоким берцем из кроличьей шерсти, подогреватель ног, USB, сумка для горячей воды, все включено, подогреватель ног, креат...


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Plug In High-top Rabbit Hair Foot Warmer USB Hot Water Bag All-inclusive Foot Warmer Creative Warm Winter Family Essential

1、It is made of high-quality rabbit fluff. The interior is made of lambskin, which is comfortable to touch and warm your winter.

2、The foot is called the "second heart" of the human body. It is the focus of health care. You need to have this foot warmer.
3、It has high-end particle design on the bottom, which thickened and can keep warm, non-slip and anti-dirty.
4、It has built-in heating chip USB. You can connect power bank, computer, car charging adapter, etc., very convenient and safe, save power.

5、It is the perfect gift for your family, friends and partners

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