2co линий в х 8 расширения из офиса АТС/АТС-АТС поставка фабрики для продвижения

2co линий в х 8 расширения из офиса АТС/АТС-АТС поставка фабрики для продвижения


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Product Name: Mini PABX Models: CS208; CS308; CS416 CS208(2CO lines x 8 Extensions) CS308(3CO lines x 8 Extensions) CS416(4CO lines x 16 Extensions) Automated Telephone System This CS Series PBX system is an ideal telephone system for small offices and home offices. It is very easy to install and use. It has all the standard features comparable to those expensive PBX systems in the market. It works with your current analog phones and you do not need to spend extra money to buy proprietary telephones to work with the PBX.
Installation is simple, no special tools, test equipment or technical skills is required. The unit has been programmed to work automatically out of the box. CS208 & CS308 PABX CS416 PABX CS SERIES PBX Features
  • CO. line 2-4
  • Ext. line 8-16
  • Multiple Communications Line
  • normal transform power
  • switch power (Optional)
  • backup battary interface (Optional)
  • Power Failure Transfer
  • External Line Caller ID
  • Auto-Attendant(DISA-12s one paragraph)
  • Outgoing Message Recording
  • Internal Music on holding
  • Remote programming
  • Memory protect while power off
  • Auto/Operator mode
  • System Password
  • Flexible Ext. No. Assignment
  • Multiple Dial-Out Mode
  • External line group
  • Call Duration Control
  • Call Pickup
  • Outgoing Call Transfer
  • Call Transfer
  • Call Forwarding
  • Flexible coding(change Ext.No.)
  • Do Not Disturb
  • Automatic EX Reporting
  • Flash Time Choice
  • Ringing Assignment
  • Call Restriction
  • Three Way Conference
  • Call all extensions
  • Specific Co line dialing
  • Ring identify
  • C.O line Booking
  • C.O line Reservation
  • Operator setting
  • C.O Monitor

CS208 & CS308 PABX

CS416 PABX Technical parameters
  • Extension: 8, 16
  • External line: 2, 3, 4
  • Commucation line: 7
  • Power supply: AC 100-240V
  • Power: =<40W
  • Storage battery pressure: DC 48VCharge current: =<30mA (Optional)
Remarks: CS208 refers to 2 CO lines and 8 Extension ports CS308 refers to 3 CO lines and 8 extension ports CS416 refers to 4 CO lines and 16 extension ports